(Yep – that’s how i meant to spell it… 😉 )

I was in my driveway with my camera the other day when i saw/felt something flutter onto my chest.

I was a little surprised to find it was this…

(Click pic to open in new window and click again to enlarge – if this sort of thing doesn’t turn your stomach) 😉lovewillbringustogether - Insex

I was even more surprised to find they stayed in this position when i squeezed the hibiscus leaf between them and my shirt!

I am not completely sure what they actually are… they don’t even look like the same species?? The closest i can figure is the big one is a female Hibiscus Sawfly, only the ones i can find pics of all have black bodies as well as black wings and this one has an orange body under the black wings? Male sawflies seem to have the same orange thorax as the female whereas this ‘guy’ is all black?? Note the weird shape of the female’s head compared to the ‘normal’ fly head of the male!

Weird! Anyone have any ideas what they are?

They were flying around 3 hibiscus trees.




  1. They are not the same species… one looks like a wasp and the other is a beetle… so what may be happening here is possibly against the beetle’s will and may end up very horrible…

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      • Bahahahahaha you can think that if you wish… But it is way more likely that the wasp was laying eggs inside that beetle and they will soon hatch and eat their way out, causing the beetle to die a slow and painful death… Happy Weekend! 🤣

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