Philosophical Thought for the Day – 25 October 2018.

Thinking of Love
Love and Knowledge = Philosophy

Welcome to PTFTD, a (semi-)regular feature on my blog. Each (ideally daily) post I will raise a topic for consideration that may hopefully give you pause for some serious, or not-so-serious contemplation throughout your day/night/week/life.

It’s as much for my personal benefit as anyone else’s who may find it of interest, as we all try to figure out just what life is all about and what on Earth we are all doing here or to each other?

Today’s Thought:

‘Honesty is the Best Policy’, but to be brutally honest here i’d say that there can be times when we ‘just can’t handle the truth’. (Or there are times when it might be more appropriate to sugar coat the truth a little so it goes down a little better with us).

Are there times when we can be too honest with someone, or them with us?

Or is it a matter of learning how to balance being both honest and tactful at the same time?

Is that what true diplomacy means?

Should either honesty or tact be compromised – ever?


I need to think on this for a while (longer) 🙂



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