Flower of the Day – October 23 – Red Rose Bud or Blue Rose Bud?

So this week i’m dedicating my FOTD to my ROSES! 🙂

Day 3.  Red or Blue Rose?

So which do you think it will be?
(Click on the pic to open in a new window and click again to see full detail)lovewillbringustogether - Blue Rose2

Blue Rose!
lovewillbringustogether - Blue Rose1

My Blue Rose looks like having one of it’s best seasons so far – we’ve had a VERY mild (read cool and wet) start to Spring with not too much burning hot sunlight that seems to suit this tender rose tree.

link to:

FOTD – – October 23, 2018 – Maple Leaf





    • I think your eyesight is 20/20 – or better! 😉

      There’s quite a strong pink tinge to it which decreases as the flower ages and becomes more mauve/light violet. That’s probably partly down to my soil type and lack of a decent soil improver (polite way of saying manure which all roses adore).

      It is what the Horticulturalists describe it as though – i think this one is ‘Blue Moon’. 😉
      Maybe ‘cos it only comes out Blue ‘once’. 🙂


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