What’s Up Duck?

After a visit to the local Library (an antiquated place where they store things called ‘books’ which people once read before television and the Internet were invented and you could get anything you wanted from a screen in your house, or while driving in your car, or while you jog at the beach) I went across the road to the park and caught these guys…

You can click on the pics to open in a new window and expand for detail.
lovewillbringustogether - Grey TealA male grey teal. What a bill! 😉

lovewillbringustogether - Pacific Black DuckA Pacific black duck. I love the ringed ripples surrounding him. 🙂

lovewillbringustogether - Pacific Black Duck plus 2Mum Pacific black duck and 2 out of 6 ducklings 😉

lovewillbringustogether - Australian Wood Duck FemaleFemale Australian wood duck.

lovewillbringustogether - Australian Wood DucksPair of Australian Wood Ducks.




  1. Last ducks I saw were way down the river and I didn’t have the long lens with me. I think they may have been actual loons. I felt bad about lacking the long lens, but the small long lens I have now doesn’t have very good resolution at the telephoto end. Great ducks, though. Wish they were mine.

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    • Thanks Spike! ( i hope you don’t mind the nick name? I only use it as it was one of your initial suggestions!) 🙂

      What’s important is seeing and appreciating the Ducks – blogging them is a secondary issue! 😉


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