Philosophical Thought for the Day – 18 October 2018.

Thinking of Love
Love and Knowledge = Philosophy

Welcome to PTFTD, a (semi-)regular feature on my blog. Each (ideally daily) post I will raise a topic for consideration that may hopefully give you pause for some serious, or not-so-serious contemplation throughout your day/night/week/life.

It’s as much for my personal benefit as anyone else’s who may find it of interest, as we all try to figure out just what life is all about and what on Earth we are all doing here or to each other?

Today’s Thought:

All of us have an ego – that section of our mind, our brain – that deals with our sense of ‘self’, of our personal self-esteem. Who we are (who/what ‘I’ am) and how we see our place in the world we live in or how we ‘relate’ to our external reality (and internal reality too).

So the question is: Most of us will do whatever it takes when our body feels sick or ill or in bad health to get help so we can be healthy again.

What do we do if our ego is unhealthy? Do we even notice if it is? How could we tell?

What are the signs of a healthy vs unhealthy ego? (Extreme or illogical sense of self-worth/self-esteem where we feel the thoughts of other people are worthless or of next to no value compared to what we ‘know’?)

When it comes down to it what actual help is there for someone with an ego that is acting to the detriment of that person?

What are the things we can do to improve or maintain a healthy ego?



I need to think on this for a while (longer) 🙂


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