Have You Lost Your Mind?

lost your mindEveryone has a mind!

Some people’s minds are better functioning than others!!

By that i mean the owner of the mind (or, if you prefer the body that the mind controls and so effectively ‘owns’) is able to operate and control their mind so that it more often does the owner’s will and doesn’t spend quite so much time running off in directions of it’s own choosing. Or perhaps just vegetating and amusing itself while the ‘owner’ takes time out to watch the football or other religion of choice or relaxes with a good book, or romantic movie on TV with a bottle of red and some cheese or chocolates. Or it may just ‘zone out’ as you stare vacantly out the window or listen to a boring neighbour (or boring friend) while trying to give the impression you give a damn.

It can also sometimes do the latter when you are engaged in a repetitive or frequently undertaken occupation such as your job, or the car trip to the shops and back, and you suddenly become conscious of the fact that you have no recollection of what your body has been doing for the past five minutes… or five hours as you were worrying about where you are going to get the money to pay those unexpected bills or were imagining the feeling of being on holiday somewhere warm (or cold?) all expenses paid!

The point i’m trying to make is that all of us have a mind that is conscious and ‘aware’ for around 2/3rds of every day (while acting unconsciously for the other 1/3rd as we sleep) and determines almost entirely the kind of life we live through the choices it makes. (Allowing just a small component of life resulting from a few forces outside of our immediate control, some may call them “Acts of God”. Insurance companies mostly! 😉 ).

The problem though is that few of us are taught, and even fewer manage to gain some degree of mastery of the concept, that our minds often run free and do things that are not directed to our best outcomes…. the things we would really like to have in life.

Things like contentment, control of our emotions, the lifestyle we wish for, or a partner to share our lifetime with. (Or the ability to never feel the need for one?)

Contentment pretty much sums it all up.

Why are we not taught more about our mind and how to achieve True Contentment in life, in all circumstances, from it?

How to strengthen our will so that we focus our efforts more on being content: either with what we already have, or contentment as we focus upon what it is we want to work towards to achieve certain goals?

Although not the first to approach the topic Maxwell Maltz wrote a book nearly 60 years ago called Psycho-Cybernetics in which he describes our minds as ‘goal-seeking machines’. They will seek out a goal and work tirelessly towards accomplishing it whether we give our mind a goal or it picks one randomly for itself (which could be destructive or unproductive for our needs).

It is very possible that our mind has become stuck into achieving certain results that are deleterious to our lifestyle without us being consciously aware of it.

It would be of great benefit to us if we choose to inspect our minds at all levels and work towards developing habits that make for better outcomes in our lives.

So how do we do that?

We start by recognising that there is a need to and that we can do it if we set our minds to it! 😉



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