Flower of the Day – October 2 – Red Remembrance Poppy

I’m dedicating this week to my Poppies! 🙂

Day 3.

Today i have examples of the second (and more populous) of my 2 basic Poppy types, the familiar bright red, ‘cup-shaped’ poppy. Normally they have four simple petals like my first type (Here) but which are ‘cupped’, not flat, in two opposing pairs so as to make a ‘bowl’ shape surrounding a central seed pod to which the multiple fine stamen are attached.

As you can see in the middle photo this gives the bees a comfy support as they crawl sideways around the stamen collecting the pollen they need to make their honey.  Like me the bees absolutely adore my poppy patches which literally are humming in the mornings! 🙂 Also on this photo you can just make out the faint ‘fringe’ of white on the outer edge of each petal… but more on that later in the week! 😉

If you look closely at the last photo you can just make out that there are not 4 petals, but 6! (2 sets of 3). Each petal has a black base making a hexagram not a cross at the centre.

(Click on the pics to open in a new window and click again to see full size detail) 🙂lovewillbringustogether - Poppy day 3

lovewillbringustogether - Poppy day 34

lovewillbringustogether - Poppy day 36

link to:

Cee’s Flower of the Day – October 2, 2018 – Dahlia




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