Wattle I Do…?

The Australian Red Wattlebird (Anthochaera carunculata) is a large member of the Honeyeater family. Besides nectar it’s diet also includes some insects and berries as well as the occasional small fruits (although it is known to protect fruit from other honeyeaters!)

The name comes from the ‘wattle’, a caruncle from which it gets it’s Latin name – the red fleshy body part that dangles either side of the neck of the male birds. They have several loud raucous calls and throw their head right back with their beak pointing vertically upwards to make a loud cackle (males) while the females make a much more pleasant trilling sound.

The Red Wattlebird can grow to as much as 35 cm in length (14 inches) making it one of the largest honeyeaters in the world.

It also likes my birdbath which is where i caught him in pensive mood, if not exactly in his most photogenic pose. To be fair, he normally looks much more handsome than this…

(Click on Pic to open in mew window and click again to see full detail.)lovewillbringustogether - Red Wattlebird



    • Sorriso )))

      I take pictures of perfectly normal everyday things (for me!) but it is the closeness i get and the fine detail we do not normally see that makes them beautiful, i think. 🙂

      Bella serata Sim, i Grazie.

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