I Love My Nikon!

I’m not normally one for buying lots of stuff but without doubt the best thing i have bought in the last 10 years has been my Nikon Coolpix B700 camera!

Every photo and HD video of mine on my blog this year has been taken with it and, after a few ‘hiccups’ while learning to master a few (of the hundred or so) functions, i am pleased with the results of nearly all 1300 photos i have taken so far. 🙂 (24.2 Mp and 60X optical + 4X digital zoom, f 3.5-6.5).

( Did i mention it’s RED? 😉 )

Results like these…

(Taken from around 2 metres (7 feet) away!)

“Into The Cauldron” (Gazania):lovewillbringustogether - gazania into the cauldron

“Into The Maelstrom” (Gazania 2):lovewillbringustogether - gazania - into the maelstrom

Pacific Black Ducklovewillbringustogether - Pacific Black Duck(Taken from 8 meters (25ft))


Moonshot (Taken from ~235,000 miles away 🙂 )lovewillbringustogether - gibbous moon(Click on pics to enlarge in new window.)



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