The Family That Bathes Together Stays Together…

Yesterday my birdbath got a real workout, i lost count of the number of separate visits birds made to splash about in it and almost lost count of the number of different species (7 as it happens).

I may soon need to instigate a ticket system and booking roster if word continues to tweet around. 🙂

The guys and girls in the video are a Family of (noisy) New Holland Honeyeaters.


You can click on each pic to open in a new window and enlarge the details. 🙂lovewillbringustogether - new holland honey-eater1

lovewillbringustogether - new holland honey-eater2

lovewillbringustogether - New Holland Honeyeater




    • Thanks for your interest Carol – and your support. 🙂 Their colouring us delightful and as you can see they are super-agile fliers and dart about the garden like mini guided- missiles!:-)

      I watch them in my lounge while blogging on my computer!

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