An Act Of Creation.

Humans are creative beings.

“Creazione di Adamo” (The Creation of Adam) – Part of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Rome, painted by Michelangelo in the early 16th Century.

In the hope that more of us can become better at creating useful, beautiful and valuable (of value to ourselves as well as to our society in which we all live) things i offer the thoughts in this post and welcome addition and or discussion on the topic.

Creation requires a minimum of three basic elements:

  1. The creator.
  2. The medium.
  3. The instrument(s)

Let’s limit this for the moment to the creator being you. You are free to create an almost limitless number of things – some of which may have value to either yourself, or yourself and others. There are very few, if any, limits to what you may create although cost, time and imagination (and the will) may sometimes affect things to some extent.

The medium is simply the material you choose to exercise your creativity upon, be it a piece of paper or canvas (eg. artists, writers) , a block of wood or stone (sculptors, woodworkers), a building like Michelangelo, a garden or landscape or the non-material ‘garden’ of your mind’s imagination (Dreamers, story-tellers and philosophers).

The instrument could be a musical instrument, a pen or brush, a mallet and chisel, a lathe, your hands and/or body (dancers) or simply (?) your mind!


I know (through much personal experience) that there can be a strong temptation when the urge to create falls upon you to rush right in and start seeing some results of your ‘genius’ – you want to get some ‘instant gratification’ for your brilliant, creative thought – and also, if possible, the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ of admiration! Recognition and appreciation of your genius is very desirable, but sadly in most cases, somewhat short in supply. 🙂

It is a quite vital, if not essential, part of the act of creation to possess two key ingredients prior to commencing:

  1. To have Patience by the bucketload; and
  2. To take time first to Observe.

Patience is essential in acts of creativity as rushing in can often lead to serious error being made sometimes requiring you to go back to the drawing board and start all over again. Good preparation comes before a good end product! or as one oh-so-eloquent ‘footy’ player put it recently: “It’s the 5 P’s – Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.”

Observation should be a natural part of your preparation before undertaking the act of creation. Non-judgemental observation of the fundamentals of your medium, environment and self (for example, your motivation behind the creation) should be a minimum requirement but some of this may have been undertaken prior to the creative process. Artists for example, might already be very observant, and therefore be familiar with and have understanding of, their medium and instruments and perhaps the environment (and self) if they have made similar creations previously.

Emotion plays a large part in a creation but it should not totally overwhelm your senses of reason or perspective and some thought should play it’s part in the act also. Partly because, for all good creations, the thing being created affects the creator almost as much (perhaps more in some cases) as the creator affects the medium. Some creation can be seen as an act of Self Expression manifesting some aspect of it’s creator, thereby enabling both others, as well as the creator, to see part of themselves revealed from a new perspective.

The inspiration to create can come upon us all quickly and without much prior warning but to create something of true value is worth spending some of your time and effort and discipline. Unless all you want to create is a bit of Fun! 😉

Feel free to let your creative juices flow in the space below.



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