I have been feeling a little sad and sorry for myself the last 2 weeks owing to catching some kind of flu virus and have not had the energy to do much more than sleep.

I thought i was getting over it only to find i was not quite ready and it knocked me back down again after a day or two. 🙂

I’m still not 100% but while i can’t yet say my physical health is back to normal, i can feel better mentally as i am very aware that although i’m not at my normal level of health i am ‘safe’.

My house has not been blown up or set fire to by massive gas explosions;

It has not had it’s roof torn off or windows smashed by 300 kmh winds.

It has not been flooded by 6 metre storm surges or had it’s foundations washed away by the ocean or a river of mud and rubble.

My car has not been washed down the street.

I have not been bitten and killed by a Great White Shark.

I did not go to a music festival and end up dead from a bad batch of some home-made drug.

No-one from my family murdered me in my home as has happened on three separate occasions close to where i live in the last 4 months. (A grandfather, a father/husband and a son/brother were the perpetrators)

My house was not burned to the ground by bushfires and i do not live in an area undergoing the worst drought in 100 years as some of my countrymen and women are doing.

I did not have to be cut out of a car wreck where 3 of my friends died.

I was not one of the thousands who were violently and physically abused by a total stranger over the weekend in our so-called ‘civilised’ society.

I don’t have to worry about when or if i’m going to be able to get food to eat or water safe to drink while i’m ill. (Even though currently some lunatic is going around my country placing pins and needles into strawberry punnets in supermarkets for God-only knows what reason?)

And i particularly don’t have to worry that a mortar or cannon shell, or an air-to-ground missile fired from a supersonic jet fighter is going to destroy part of my neighbourhood and take out people i know and love  – not everyone can say that in this world today.

So while i’m not feeling great in myself, i can appreciate my disaster is as nothing compared to what it could be – what others have to live with.

For which i am SO VERY THANKFUL!




    • Good to hear none of those ‘got’ you and G ( although it’s not to say you have not had your share of ‘stuff’ to cope with ;-0 )

      As for the Flu shot… I’m a transplant patient – i do take care of myself and i DID have my shot at the start of our season – for all the good it did/does. They can TRY to immunise you against the ‘common’ form(s) of a flu virus, but virii mutate and sometimes you are just gonna get sick no matter what Western medicine has Limits and i do what i can with it.
      It’s a fine line sometimes, but you know that already – right? 🙂


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