September 11 2018 : 9/11/2001
lovewillbringustogether - Memoriam

Remembering the thousands who lost their lives needlessly on this day 17 years ago in an act of malevolent insanity…

… but not forgetting the many more thousands who have lost their lives since in many ‘lesser countries’ through many more acts of vengeance and re-vengeance.

Violence begets more violence, and always will, until we are strong enough to always return good for evil – as Pure Love requires of us all.



    • So much has happened since to take their attention away! A simple reminder now and then can help with that 🙂
      ( and of course there are some these days who just don’t care about much anyway. I intend to show that i still care and if i can so can they! 🙂 )


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