Life is a constant series of Moments.

In any given Moment we have total freedom of choice: not freedom of circumstances or complete freedom of action, nor the consequences of action, or over external events, but in how we choose to feel or think about, rather than merely re-acting to,  those things. In this we have complete freedom.


Almost all of us however have, for a variety of reasons, chosen to give this freedom away to greater or lesser degrees. We have largely become conditioned or ‘pre-programmed’  to behave in certain ways, to certain things in our lives.We don’t chose or spend time in consideration of our options, we simply react based upon past learned responses.

In this we are more robotic than human. A robot has no choice but to follow it’s internal programming – it does not learn to adapt it’s behaviour in different circumstances as a human can choose to do. It is this freedom to choose that makes us all human beings.

It is this that gives us true Freedom – the freedom to choose how and when we react and how and when we decide what it is we will do and feel and think. And only then, what action we will take in the next moment… and the ones after that.

We spend little time (who has the time these days, huh?) to think and consider this and therefore do little to alter it and things go on largely as they have done and will continue to until we say enough is enough.

At any given Moment we have the freedom to choose how we will feel and what attitude we choose to carry with us as we are being the being we are being.

We are free to choose – it is Our Choice, no-one else’s – between:

Love or Indifference.

Pleasure or Pain.

Happiness or Sadness.

Tolerance or Intolerance

Rationality or Irrationality.

Wisdom or Foolishness.

Good or Bad.

Faithfulness or Faithlessness

Health or Sickness (Of mind, if not so perfectly in our body).

Forgiveness or Hatred.

Being Truthful or Being Deceitful.

Compassion or Selfishness.

Acceptance or Resentment.

Courage or Fear.

Serenity or Anxiety. (Peace or War)


It is VITALLY important to realise that whatsoever we carry with us the most, what we feel or think most about, most strongly about, most frequently about, will determine our reality – will comprise the majority of things we experience from those things.

We attract to us that which our thoughts and feelings most adhere or cling to. To put it another way, we detect more of that which is in line with our prevalent thoughts, emotions, attitudes than that which is not aligned with them.

‘Random’ chance can sometimes appear to cause things to occur in our lives which we did not ‘see’ or think was coming, but it is not a good idea to rely upon such events for your continued happiness in this life. Nor is it advisable to resent ‘Life’ for sending such things your way.


Many Self-help Gurus would have you look at the list of choices above and tell you to always go with the first choice over the second.

I do not offer that advice (although i see it as preferable to always choosing the latter over the former). Instead i say it is better to realise that you are always free to choose which is the most appropriate for the Moment. You are Free to Choose – we are not meant to be pre-programmed robots who always react the same way to every similar situation, who only ever have one choice, one way to behave; who never get angry or feel hatred or who are never unhealthy or worried or anxious; who never feel pain or intolerance or are never foolish. We are Human, we can and do feel such things.

The important part though is to not let such feelings dominate who we are as this will determine what we become in the moments that follow from this one.

You have the choice – cultivate it, grow it so that you can be better for it.

Choose wisely.

In this it is again worth remembering that while we are always free to Choose what actions we eventually make or take, the freedom to determine the consequences of those actions will not lie with us but with something other than ourself.

Don’t say i did not warn you! 🙂


love. ❤


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