… Even when there can be times when you may not see the Wonder and all seems only darkness and sorrow…


…It is still a most wonderful world where beauty abounds in a myriad forms.


Here is but two of them.





  1. Lately, it seems all I ever do is deal with corporations and robots and being on hold forever. I get so depressed because there’s no humanity in any of this. You never see a face. You never talk to the same person twice. You never feel as if anyone cares about you. It is demoralizing. I know there’s beauty, but it seems like these huge corporate entities are taking over everything and I’m just another tiny thing on which they are stomping. Not a good feeling.

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    • I see very similar things to you happening here also and the concept of Data gathering, mining and ultimately Control by a powerful few does concern me.

      There is a definite feeling of helplessness and powerlessness to be able to stop or change what seems ‘inevitable’.

      I believe the answer lies in our own innate ability to change our own perceptions, to regain control of our own minds and see ourselves as the powerful wonderful creative intelligent beings we truly are and know that we have the ultimate power over what we choose to think see and do. Not the politicians, Not the Corporations. Us – each one of us is able to decide what we want and if we find enough others who agree with us we can together, achieve anything we set our minds to, with the correct application and direction/Goal.

      Come the Revolution, Sister… 🙂

      (It’s closer than you probably think!)

      I realise personally you might feel like the revolution is best left to those in a better ‘condition’ and you’d like to rest a while.

      There’s plenty of time to rest when your in the coffin.

      While we are still kickin’ there’ still time to dance and enjoy life. Everyone has some role to play.


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