Restrictions on Freedom of Choice?

Can we humans ever be trusted to have no limits, no restrictions on our Freedom to Choose what we want for ourselves?

What restrictions are necessary to place on ourselves or on our society if we wish to live as a part of a greater Harmonised Whole, so as to ensure that the rights of one do not diminish the rights of others or of the group?

Is what is good for one good for all – or even good for a majority? How democratic is a democratic society?

From this – is what is true for one then true for all? (A close look at what is going on in this world today should clarify that question up for everyone!)

Let Your Inner Love Light Shine Out on All Equally

My truth is not your truth – at least not perfectly so, BECAUSE i am NOT you; i might be similar to you in some or many respects but i am not exactly like you and so what i see as The Truth is not going to be what you see it as.

And therein lies the real ‘problem’ (also Solution)… because… Ultimately… ALL TRUTH boils down to the same meaning… for All of us, however differently we see it.


Actually, that is the real problem…. just exactly how ‘we’ (as a single entity, or as part of a larger group) see The Truth!


From my present perspective (FWIW) the Truth is:

We are all Spiritual beings having a Physical experience, though most of us get too caught up in the (very real) Physical Attraction to fully, or ever, realise this.

Having spent most of my life largely captured by the physical attraction of this planet i recently decided to try and get back to the Real Basics. It gave me a fresher perspective. I realise i probably did not quite go Basic enough but i can see much more and more clearly from this viewpoint.

In both directions.

It’s all a Matter of Growth through Loss – “Less is More” – as someone once said. 😉

If you can’t see the problem then you probably ARE the problem. 🙂

Quit lying

The Wise are the ones who know that they know Nothing.

Also that Nothing is Everything.




  1. I go with the standard response: if it’s JUST me and no one but me can get hurt, butt out. I don’t care what your priest or minister said. I don’t care about your interpretation of any kind of scripture. If I’m not hurting you or others, I have the right to be left in peace. I think EVERYBODY has that right.


    • A ‘standard response’ to what question exactly????

      I’m confused by the response?

      Also What Priest? What Minister?

      These are almost entirely my thoughts derived from my own self-philosophy which finds a number of harmonies with the Ancient Philosphies of all major Civilisations/Religions.

      You sound like you feel someone is trying to force you to think in particular way against your will.

      My reason for posting was to hopefully let people think for themselves, to free their mind/thought, not slavishly follow what anyone else thinks.

      You really don’t care? – As you wish, – God is within you.

      Rest in Peace.


  2. And I respond with the fact that every action we take will affect every person that our lives are touching or will end up touching. We are spiritual beings that are all connected in a way that’s beyond most people’s understanding.

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