A Busy Little Bird Bath

I have a bird bath in my front garden that is protected on 3 sides by hedges and on the 4th side by my house. The lounge window provides a perfect ‘hide’ from which i can capture my photos of some of the dozen or so different types of native birds that inhabit this little part of suburbia who enjoy the occasional sip and dip.

You can see some of those pics here,  here and here:

Last week though was definitely the busiest the birdbath had been for quite some time! (It is the middle of Winter here!)

You can skip the first 17 seconds – i was late starting my camera’s record function as the visits had already started and they flew away almost exactly as the recording started. Fortunately they did come back and stayed a while longer.

The larger bird is a New Holland Honeyeater and the smaller are Brown Honeyeaters.




    • A very good question! 🙂

      Wish i had a very good answer. 😉

      My best guess is – a little of both. I’m not sure what birds do that gets them ‘dirty’ that they need to clean with a bath? They preen themselves with their beaks to keep their feathers in top condition but i don’t know if that’s enough or they also need water to clean?

      I imagine rain would be like a shower to them so then bathing in winter would seem somewhat superfluous but i have not noticed any less bathing in winter than in summer?

      This might be in part to the fact that the bath evaporates quickly in our heat and i don’t top it up as often as i could! 😦

      Watching them regularly, i get the impression it is an urge/need to dip, but that they do quite enjoy it as well as some will dive under far more than seems strictly necessary for cleanliness… but what do i know? – i’m not a bird!

      Thanks for the comment and i’m glad you enjoyed it. It kept me smiling most of the day. 🙂


  1. I really enjoyed this birdbath video, and then I decided to watch it a second time with music. I just randomly picked Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright, and it went quite well. Then I was curious about what the words meant and found an interesting interpretation on Yahoo!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We can learn a great deal when we follow our intuition and see or feel where it leads us… 😉

      Love (Hallelujah) is a VERY Deep subject – on many, many levels.

      A seemingly simple concept, but oh so complex.

      Thanks Carol, Glad you enjoyed the vid. 🙂


  2. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for birds of all sorts, especially the fact of how many sorts there are. I don’t have the right camera equipment to capture the occasional humming birds that visit our yard, but I did get some footage of hawks, cardinals, blue jays, sparrows, robins, etc—If I can just get around to editing it all together. Thank you for sharing this!

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