Prima Vera Colori

I love to play with words – mostly in my native English language but i particularly love this example in Italian! 🙂

When i saw this in my garden today i was immediately struck by the strong contrast of colours showing that reminded me of the Autumn Season – a rarity in my part of the world, we mostly only have  Summer – a flowery one, a hot dry one and a wet cooler one!
(Click on the pic to open in a new window and click again to see full size detail) 🙂Lovewillbringustogether - Prima Vera Colori

We are in the middle of our wet cooler one at this point in time so ‘Autumn’ has come a little ‘late’ here! 😉

The red and the green, combined with the blue (and a little purple if you look closely) reminded me of the Primary Colours – which contains the word Prima, which is an Italian word (from where much of English originates as England, and most of Europe and bits of Africa/Asia, was once ruled by the Roman Empire) which has many meanings; it is where we get the word Prime from, which also has several meanings in English.

Some of the things Prima can mean in Italian are: First, before, earlier, once (before), sooner, in advance, premiere, formerly. It is also the root of the word Primavera meaning Spring; the other half, Vera, means Real, as in Veracity or verified, but can also mean a Wedding Ring – la vera.

Colori is simply the Italian for Colours.

Completing the title of this post then gives us: Prima Vera Colori – First Real Colours.

These are the first real colours of my Autumn i have seen this year (well, first i photographed anyway 😉 ) and since my seasons are opposite to most peoples i could call them the first real colours in Spring, which is what it is here when you see these colours on your trees. I love Primavera – which ever way you say it. 🙂

.Buon Giorno!



    • I too had a year of Italian in high school – but not a lot stuck 😉 Thank goodness for Google Translate! 🙂

      Sorry to take so long replying!


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