So…You Think You Know Reality?

Reality, like Truth and Beauty, is largely in the Eye (I) of the one (1) beholding it.


Don’t believe me?

All is Illusion

ALL gold and browny-gold lines in this pic are of EXACTLY the same length in the REAL world… (Yes – the diagonal and the sides are the SAME length! As are all horizontal and vertical lines.)

How does your reality stack up to this one?

Which perspective you take/choose to view it from is the key.

I designed and am building this object in 3D.

Can anyone figure out how to describe the shape?

Bonus points if you can describe it exactly in just 7 words. (Ask in comment for the answer.)





  1. I can see the ‘appearance’ of a cube here from certain angles however the previous negation applies… how can the diagonal of a face have the same length as the side of the face (of a cube)?

    How about a hint?

    Don’t think of a single regular polyhedron… possibly you need to see more than just one thing? 😉


  2. I just figured it was something totally simplistic and people would try to create some more complex polyhedron, as you said. Apparently I was wrong. Hmmm…


    • Trust me here – it is really very simple, not complex.
      (Ok – taken as a single unit, not as two joined units, it can seem a bit complex! 😉 )

      The ‘trick’ is in this one perspective of it … and in our limited 2 dimensional viewing mindset. (The picture/image is being shown on a 2D computer screen and we are trying to see it as a real 3D object from a single, static viewpoint.


  3. I make a lot of square pictures. They ARE square. Measured. But they always look taller than they are wide. However, optical illusions are not truth or facts. I don’t dispute that our eyes can deceive us a little bit, but they don’t hide the truth.

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