The Waves of Change

( It’s been a while since i posted – and it may be a time before i post again.   Again, my apologies and heartfelt thanks to those who have been kind enough to read/like what i write and share their thoughts on it, with whom my communication, if not my thoughts of late, have been less than you might deserve.)

Subtitle: The Erosion of Old Shores of Certainty.


wave of change
Line Drawn In The Sand

I have to accept i don’t (and neither does anyone else) have a country to call my own anymore. Instead I now have a planet i have to share with everyone else on it. Countries are so Last Century (Millenium!). Some people, Governments especially, still largely try to live in the olden days (of distinct and separate countries over which those in power could rule by themselves) but are finding it increasingly difficult to operate effectively in their previous paradigm. Governments are going the way of the Kings and the Queens and the Warrior Chiefs – they are losing their unchallenged power over a group of people who served them boarders and shorelines are becoming increasingly less secure or well defined.  Those who desire control need to form new Alliances and use new measures and weapons to protect themselves against increasingly powerful, but more subtle and insidious invaders to try and keep the last vestiges of power they possess over their masses and the land they occupy and control/maintain.

I can no longer see or talk to a person and tell if they are a fellow native of my area/country or just a tourist, a visitor, one unfamiliar with my own set of peculiar customs, practices and beliefs as built up over time (generations even) as i could in the long gone past.

These days people who look like they have no connection to me are my neighbours, my elected ‘representatives’, teachers of my children, my store-owners to whom i go to by the essentials of my life (if they are still being made by the foreign owned, globalised companies who bought out the previous local manufacturers through ‘fair’ competition practice). They have the same ‘rights’ (some would say more in certain cases) that i have in ‘my’ country that i grew up in and was formed by, but they do not share my or my country’s past history, it’s formation it’s foundations.

They can contribute equally to the future outcomes and help grow my community, as i and those i grew up with do, but the links to the formative history of this place will forever be changed as the factors contributing to their formation combines into a big mixing pot with that of their (my) adopted location.

This, combined with the rate of technological and social change that is increasing exponentially, is bringing about waves of change that are washing away the shores of the world i once lived in to create something with which i am totally unfamiliar – and largely unprepared for…

…and am ever-so-slightly(?) fearful of.

As, i suspect, are many others like me, even if they are unsure as to exactly why.

Those who struggle against the Changes however, are going to be the ones who lose in the long run… you might have some small pyrrhic victories but that battle will, in the end, be lost.


No (wo)man can fight the Tide of Time and the Winds and Waves of Change!

Just ask Canute.


    • You’re most welcome Carol – and far too kind 😉

      I’ve been somewhat slack in the photo department lately ( it’s winter here and some of the weather has been lousy for shots.) but i hope that may change soon!

      God is within you. ❤


  1. I agree with you that in essence, life, and time it’s change, however it can be a mix bag, and our job it’s not to oppose change, but also equally we should be aware of not throwing the proverbial baby with the water, in other words question what’s right and what’s not, regarding those changes, if not we will suffer for those changes, and will have to pay for our mistakes, as it always the case.. 🙂

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    • On that we are in full agreement but i fear we may be in the minority view as changing the old and replacing it with the new seems to be the trend today?

      One of my points in posting this was to try to come to better acceptance of the need to change myself – my old negativities and find that which is good within and bring it ‘out’ 😉 To tear down that which keeps me from growing higher and rebuild on solid foundations from the ground up 🙂

      God is in you. ❤

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    • Thank you Marilyn I hoped by posting i might add to the ‘flow’ of thought in this direction.

      I’ve been spending a lot of time developing my personal philosophy ( largely through mathematics/Geometry at the moment trying to better understand the world/universe and my place in it – it’s leading to a few good insights and directions i can take and work on to develop personally. 🙂

      It’s a long road and requires some time and effort – but i’ll try and post a bit as well.
      (and read some other blogs also!) 🙂

      ( Don’t take this the wrong way but… )

      God is within you! 🙂

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