Apologies to All…

… I seem to have lost my passion for blogging lately! Was starting to feel like something i HAD to do rather than wanted to do… … almost a little like working, but without being paid for it (and i don’t mean in the good volunteering kind of way, more like the getting paid to work a 20 hour week while putting in 50 hours on the job kind).

Hopefully it’s a temporary condition and i’ll find the passion again (i know i had it around here somewhere, i really should tidy up the place a bit and throw out some of the accumulated rubbish!)

Time will tell.

Again, apologies to All.


  1. Old blog you have. 2007? On your archives bit, it shows a big gap 2009 and 2016. You seem to have enjoyed blogging this last year at least. Sometimes a break is healthy. Take care of yourself in the world outside blogging sir!

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