Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone…

Deuteronomy 8:3  “… that He might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceed(s) out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live.”

BOTH (??) Matthew and Luke – 4:4  But He (Jesus) answered (The Devil) and said, “It is written: ‘Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceed(s) from the mouth of God.’ ”bread alone

We live a life on Earth that lasts from the moment of our conception and continues for as long as the human body continues to breathe and it’s heart to beat. Every religion I am aware of has as a core belief that, as individuals, all of us also have a life that extends beyond that, that we have a Spiritual Life that does not die when our frail bodies and minds do.

Some choose not to believe in the latter life or that if it exists it has no part in the former one, but I would beg to differ. Please note i have no direct proof for my view, I am not aware of any definitive proof one way or the other, but on the basis of what others have believed and written about, and considering the values therein, i find sufficient cause for doubt, so that believing there is more to our human life than material evidence suggests on its own seems the most prudent choice.

If it makes me live a more compassionate, less self-indulgent (thus making the world a better place overall by considering how other’s may also benefit in my decisions I make and actions i take) and makes me generally happier and more content with this Earthly life then that would be more than sufficient reason. 🙂

Some might argue that i could do the above without needing to believe in a Supreme Higher Authority; that my personal ideas of compassion and self-indulgences and how to overcome them is all that is required of us as individuals. I choose to believe that it would be better to consider the collected ideas of many people, written down over thousands of years (and perhaps while being ‘guided’ by a Unifying Force or Wisdom), on these topics rather than trying to re-invent the ‘wheel’ all on my lonesome.

It can be extremely difficult for any one of us, working on our own, to best see how we fit into the whole life experience. I believe we could use the input of other minds and experiences to get the best overall picture of what life really means and is all about.

If we had access to an all-knowing, eternally lasting source of knowledge that held the original blueprints for the Universe and all life existing in it, that actually knew and was responsible for ‘creating’ that life, so much the better as i see it. 😉

I believe the life each of us lives on this Earth, while seeming like all there is to us, is but an extremely minute reflection of that which exists within us. The physical and the spiritual mutually interact, each affecting the other, determining the other’s destiny. What we choose to do here carries on into our ultimate future as well as determining the much shorter, but more ‘immediate’, life we live out in this physical world.

We can choose to pay attention to that voice within that can see past the short term ‘benefits’ and temptations, or give into them, living solely for what we can ‘get’ (or try to get) in the here and now.

Or we can choose to do neither.

No choice comes without a cost.




  1. There’s no proof that that there IS a God or is NO God. It is simply not a provable fact, one way or the other. I am not an atheist. I am not any anything. I’ve had too many close experiences to life and death to say there is nothing else, but I’m too skeptical to find any religion “makes the cut.” So I remain an interested observer and if there IS an afterlife and most especially, if there’s a Hell — I think I have more than a few candidates. For Hell, that is. Heaven can take care of itself, I suspect.

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    • True… i think though that there are times and things about which we sometimes just have to choose. To define who or what we are.

      But maybe it’s just me 😉

      I’ve seen people from both ‘camps’ (believers and non-believers) make disastrous decisions causing much suffering to themselves and others so i’m not saying we will all make the ‘right’ choice whichever we decide on. Personally i’d like to have some sort of time worn blueprint to help inform me when i’m unsure of the best choice to make for my life and that of all others involved. Hopefully i can avoid any potential future ‘consequences’ – such as there may be 🙂


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