The Darkness Begins… Again!

It was the First of April, but this was no Foolish prank.

The brilliant landscape bathed in Radiant Light was beginning to become engulfed by the unrelenting darkness… bit by increasing bit dark forces began to reclaim the land and would not stop until nothing remained of the world… at least nothing anyone could see.

(Click on pics to open in a new window with full enlarged detail) 🙂DSCN0781
The shadow of darkness starts to fall down upon the Lunar surface from ‘above’. (Unretouched original photo taken approx 9:15 pm, April 1 2018).

lovewillbringustogether - full moon

Rebel Guy over at was kind enough to put his moon pic the ‘right’ way up for lil ol’ me so i have returned the favour here. 🙂

(Believe it or not the last pic is actually a smaller image than the first one (click on it to prove it for yourselves) and has been edited to give greater contrast to the surface features)



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