It’s Easter Time Again.

Not everyone these days holds a belief (or certainly not a positive one) in God or Jesus Christ, who is the nominal reason many millions today and over this weekend celebrate with a day off work or a day spent in remembrance of a life sacrificed in the service of humanity.Easter

There could be few, if any people though, who would not think it of value in their own lives to spend even a little time contemplating the concept of serving one’s fellow man and doing so in a state of humility, believing that others needs are at least equal to our own – that we are not so superior to our fellow human beings. Even in the extreme case of laying down our own life for another.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Easter Time for me is also a reminder that our life is about rebirth; the ending of one stage is followed by the beginning of another, at ALL levels of our being. There is a Circle of Life, as there is a development and growth into greater and ever greater stages.

However you celebrate this Holy-Day i hope it is a day of appreciation, gratitude and Love within you all.




    • Happy Easter to you both! 🙂
      Could you let RG know that i have not forgotten about my promised Astro photo post, i’m just having a little trouble getting the settings i want for the best shots. If either of you would like a sneak peak you can check out my you tube vid of Jupiter:

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      • I did tell him. sorry for being so late. I have been trying to play catch up with things I have been putting off around the house! Off to see the video now!

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        • I’ve had one since i was around 6 years old! Don’t use it much lately, but this camera has me thinking…

          With the scope you can not only see the moons but the strata of clouds and even the ‘Red Spot’ on Jupiter. The low light intensity makes it hard for the camera to pick them up though – unless you mount the camera to the scope!’

          I’m hoping to get some shots of Saturn’s Rings – but here it does not rise until after midnight. 😦

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    • Ok, Usually i’m pretty quick on the uptake but i gotta admit – i’m struggling a little here??

      I’m perfectly happy not to discuss said invasion but would you be so kind as to inform me what brought the topic up here in the first place?? 🙂


  1. This was very well said. I attended a Stations of the Cross service yesterday on Good Friday. The church used the same image that you have here. I had never gone to this type of service and it gave me a much deeper understanding of religion.

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