An Inconvenient Truth… For the Flat Earth Believers.

I am in the fortunate position of having my home located in the Southern Hemisphere (or larger, outer donut shaped part of the flat Earth ‘plate’ for the FEB’s! The bit ‘further out’ from the Equator which encircles the North Pole and the Tropic of Cancer. The bit in between the outermost dashed line and the solid blue circle below).

Flat Earth as viewed from more of an Australian perspective 🙂 Equator marked in blue and Trop of Cancer in orange. Stars said to rotate about a point directly above North Pole while the Earth stays ‘still’.

I say fortunate because it give me a much better perspective from which to view how the Flat Earth THEORY applies to the facts known and visible to me, particularly with regards to the Sun, Moon and, above all, the Stars.

Anyone in the Northern Hemisphere (smaller, central circle part of the flat Earth ‘plate’) who has a camera can, on a cloudless night, point it due north and aim it upwards at an angle equal to their latitude and take a long exposure (several minutes up to a few hours) photograph which will reward them with a beautiful image of all the visible stars leaving arc trails in a circle roughly around the centre of the image. Roughly in the middle also will be Polaris, the Pole Star, or more likely a small blurry arc caused by said star as it is not exactly at the point in the sky around which the stars appear to turn.

Example below:startrails_17

And a youtube video that shows it more clearly (with wide angle ‘fish-eye’ lens):

I, on the other hand, can never see Polaris, nor the point about which it and ‘all’ other stars rotate. They are permanently below my Northern horizon, no matter what the season or time of night.

Curiously though – and very inconveniently for the FEB’s – if i point my camera due SOUTH and aim it up at my degree of latitude… guess what? I can take a very similar looking photograph of star trails of all the stars in the Southern Celestial Hemisphere.


The view from Down Under – South of the Equator. Southern Cross (on it’s side) and Alpha and Beta Centauri are the 6 white and lesser blue trails mid-right of picture. Where Beta Centauri ends you can see the last of the reddy coloured trail of the 5th star in the Southern Cross, Epsilon Crucis

While the similarities are obvious it is the differences that pose the ‘Inconvenience’. What is not immediately obvious from the two star trail pics is that in the Northern one the stars were all rotating Anti-clockwise, rising in the East (Right) and setting in the West (left), while in the Southern one they all rotate Clockwise (East and West are reversed while looking to the South). The exposure started when the Southern Cross was at ‘3 o’clock’ and stops with it about at ‘4 o’clock’ in the image.

Why is this so inconvenient?

Well can anyone give a reasonable explanation of how you could ‘walk’ in a straight line directly away from the position you were in the North when you took a pic like the first one, travel about 6 thousand miles directly away from the North Pole from where you once stood and then take a picture like the second one while still facing the same direction – that is 180 degrees away from the direction North Pole?

Furthermore, if you kept on walking, assuming anyone could walk on water, ( 😉 ) you would find the centre of your star trail image would become higher and higher in the sky until you were looking virtually directly overhead at the point around which all stars were rotating during the night! (The Southern Celestial Pole)

If the Earth is a flat plate with Antarctica comprising the 24,000 mile long ‘rim’ how can it be that the stars all seem to rotate about all points directly above wherever it is you are standing on it (ie. all 360 degree lines of latitude around the ‘plate’).

Or perhaps a little easier to follow; how can someone in Sydney, Australia, someone in Cape Town, S. Africa or Santiago in Chile all take star trails in their respective ‘South’ direction, (refer ‘map image’ above) which, if the Earth really is flat are pointing in 3 different directions some 120 degrees or so apart from one another? (Anyone doing so in the Northern hemisphere on similar lines of longitude to the 3 in the South will all take photos that point in the same direction – towards their Northern Pole).

Anyone who doubts this Truth is welcome to come down here and see for themselves just how inconvenient and unexplainable (in Flat earth terms) it actually is.

Or you could just take my word for it? 😉



  1. Iwbut, I’ve missed you! I’m not familiar with Flat earth hypothesis, and honestly, have far too many interesting and profitable things to study instead. I was, however, greatly blessed by this post, especially the imagery, and your brilliant handling of this false notion (about the earth). Back when I studied the ancient theories of what supports the earth, like giant cosmic turtles and such, I had a good laugh. But then, I discovered I myself can be dumb at times, lol. Blessings to you, and keep on blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Sheldon, your visits and comments are ALWAYS welcome here. 🙂
      It is very true that none of us can say we are not dumb about many things, but having a different perspective can shed more light on a subject so that the real truth can be shown to our better understandings.

      Only ever seeing a thing from one angle is unlikely to let us see all of what is truly there. 😉

      Peace and blessings Sheldon. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on all the math. For me, it’s watching any ship disappear below the curved horizon, or watching one appear. There’s no what happens on a flat world. But to be fair, those believers DO NOT CARE ABOUT PROOF. if they cared, they would already know this is a bunch of twaddle. They believe what they want to believe and proof be damned.

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    • It’s almost unbelievable what some will believe because of what others interpret into words written over 2500 years ago!

      It’s similarly unbelievable what people won’t believe when proven to be true by more open minds than theirs, which they could ‘easily’ (?) demonstrate for themselves but choose not to. 😦

      I does what i can when i can. If there is evidence to show me wrong, i’m happy to listen.


  3. I dont know that the earth is flat or round and neither does anyone else who hasnt gone up there to see for themselves but I do know that the behavior of the sky cannot garantee the shape of our world. The only way to know is to go up there yourself and no amount of information written or spoken can prove it.


      • A closed mind keeps you from seeing anything new that contradicts your current world view. I used to believe everthing i was told about the universe. This year i began to open my mind to other possibilities.You are welcome to research for your self just keep an open mind to new possibilities and you may begin to doubt what you have been taught as well. The truth about this reality can be seen but its not going to be as easy as just accepting what you are told.


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