How could you not?…

(Batteries not included!)


Ok, Ok – i know they don’t stay that way for long and grow up… even so-oo…malamute




  1. Malamutes are lovely dogs, but that big heavy coat makes them not such great dogs for hot climates. Also, how much do you like hair in everything? Just asking. We’ve had heavy coated dogs and dog hair is sort of like salt. It goes with everything.

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    • Very impractical for where I live… But not all my wants are all that practical!! 🙂

      Generally i restrain the more impractical ones and they stay just a heartfelt wish! – I get that from my Mum’s side. 🙂


  2. I know the feeling you are talking about here: just the joy of seeing the malamute puppy run makes a person want one. I remember a specific moment with my border collie mix. To see her running free in the park lifted my heart. She is gone now, but I still have the memory of this one specific day with her.

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