Got The Time Mate?

“Back in MY day” this question generally meant the questioner was not wearing their watch and needed to know the current time which they hoped the questionee knew or could easily check for them.

These days most just look at their mobile (Cell) phone if they need to know what the time is.

I no longer wear a watch and avoid my phone as much as possible but nearly always know what time it is by the handy clock at the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen(s).

Unlike in the olden days when watches could stop or run down and go slow, thereby leaving the wearer somewhat unsure about what the actual time was, my computer is always accurate because it cleverly checks and updates the time it shows with an international and phenomenally accurate internet time clock! Once a week, regular as, well, as clock work! (Ain’t modern science wunnerful??) 🙂

So, how then, to explain this?:lovewillbringustogether - time check

A pic of my laptop in front of my All-in-One screen with Time and Date showing from the Task Bars. Both machines run Windows 7 OS; both are set to automatically synchronise to internet time via (once every seven days) and both motherboard batteries are fine and the laptop is used and recharged on a daily basis while the All-in-one is permanently powered via the mains.

I have made many attempts to synchronise my machines manually via all available time servers (currently trying but all ‘time out’ and keep the same time (different times) regardless. Every time Windows gives me the message that the time was successfully synchronised on ../../…. at .. : .. am/pm (whatever the actual time and date is ‘now’ – but not really).

Windows LIES! (About many, many things!!) You just can’t trust it when it tells you something has been done.

The really curious thing is…. if i manually set the time so both show the current time, next time i check one is (usually) 2 minutes slow and one 2 minutes fast! Today, for some reason, they are 3 minutes either side of the ‘right’ time??

Any ideas out there?? Anyone ever successfully connected to a time server lately? How well did you check? Did you trust your computer when it said it had done it?




    • Especially since i have manually adjusted my computer clocks on several occasions in recent years. I just readjusted my main comp again today – will see what develops and let you know.

      I suppose living where i do, zillions of miles away from anything, that i’m lucky i’m only a few minutes out – sometimes it feels like we are years behind way down here! 😉


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