“This bird bath ain’t big enough fer the both of us!”…

lovewillbringustogether - Face-off(Click pic to enlarge)
Juvenile Laughing Turtle-dove and a New Holland Honey-eater (Below) at 20 paces. 🙂

lovewillbringustogether - New Holland Honeyeater



    • Proof that good things come in small packages! 😉 Very fast movers too, so hard to catch ‘on film’.

      I suspect it might even be mis-named as i think it’s habit of sticking it’s beak into flowers has been misinterpreted as eating nectar/honey when what i think it is really after are small insects that live on the flower. I’ve seen it ‘hunt’ on bushes with no flowers/honey and on branches of flowered trees but not near the flowers. They also sometimes shoot up out of the shrubs and bushes into the air about 6 ft above the plant like they are chasing something then land back in the shrubs.

      I guess ‘New Holland Bugeater’ doesn’t have the same panache? 🙂


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