I AM….Complex! (Just Like You!)


complex man

The older you get the more time you seem to have for contemplation (well, i seem to have anyway).

What I’m contemplating more about is who, or even what, I Am? (And following on from that: Am i doing the best i can for myself, or am i letting myself down a bit?)

Breaking it down as logically as i can i have recognised four distinct areas of my being:

1. My physical body.

2. My intellect (Thinking mind, thoughts).

3. My emotional activities (primarily a chemical function/sensory response).


4. My Spirit.

Although i have listed them as separate parts they are all inter-related and inter-dependent to a large degree. They are also not just ‘simple’ parts but may contain many internal systems that act together to comprise each ‘whole’.

For example, the physical body has within it a skeletal system, a muscular/tissue system, an endocrine system, a nervous system, an intestinal system, a respiratory system, a circulatory system and so on. Each different and each performing vital roles, and some interacting or dependent upon others working correctly to be able to do their job.


The emotional aspect of me is also the one that best deals with my relationships with other beings like myself but also other life forms, my likes and dislikes, and even my relationships to non-living things like paintings, books(videos or DVD’s), sunsets (any general thing described as ‘art’) etc., while the intellect deals with things like remembering to schedule and keep appointments with others and be on time and at the right place. It also deals with learning all that i think i ‘know’ and forming my opinions and beliefs based upon what my mind understands of logic and critique, which themselves are based upon vaguer generalised human concepts like right and wrong or truth and lies.

Those 3, i believe are shared by all humans on the planet – it’s with the 4th one where some might disagree that it is a part of themselves.

But it is! – and here’s why…

… because I am defining here as Spirit – that within us that shares a connection to every other part of our Universe. Some of us choose to give the external part of this to ourself a separate, human-like personality and name it God, or one of hundreds of variations that essentially mean the same or similar thing. Some of us choose not to believe that idea and prefer to have a more general, non-specific unifying ‘force’ that governs the Universe and some just don’t get it and think there’s no real connection between them and every other thing that exists – like they are some kind of isolated self-contained boat in a vast sea of indifference, occasionally bumping into or linking up temporarily with other such ‘boats’.spirit

OK – so now i can see i have 4 ‘different’ beings within the thing i think i ‘Am’.

Why is this important?

Because to be the best whole being i can be i need to ensure all four aspects within me are functioning (and communicating) effectively and for the benefit of all other parts and i have noticed (in some of my rarer, more lucid moments) that i can often get stuck spending more time than is good for my whole being limiting myself to one or two of my four aspects.

I believe i need to ensure that i treat my physical body well, keeping it healthy, as this will mean i can do more things, more effectively with the limited time i may have down here on this planet.

But equally so should i spend time caring for and creating a healthy intellect, a healthy emotional aspect and a healthy spirit, in order that i be best able to perform as a complete human being. For the benefit not only of myself, but of all others, all life and the planet on which we live, as well as the Universe we all share.

Caring for our own self is important, but it is not the Only important thing we need to do to be our ‘best’. We need to care for others as they interact with us and you need them to be their best for you to be yours – if they get sick they may (most likely) pass it on! We need to care for our environment – would you be better living in a garden paradise, or a rubbish tip? Drink clean water? Breathe clean air? Live in a city ruled by crime and selfish interests?

It is important for us to care for and about ALL things, if we are to live our best life.

How much time do I need to spend on each aspect? I guess that is pretty much up to what i feel is appropriate, but it is important to understand there are at least 4 areas that i could spend time on, in every day, maintaining and keeping healthy, and perhaps even improving on.


How about you?


Have you exercised your body or mind today?

Have you developed your relationships or emotional well-being?


What did you do to improve your connection to the rest of the Universe you spend so much of your time living in? Did you leave it in a better condition than you found it today?


Will you tomorrow?

Do you have a plan to keep to so you don’t forget?

I’m starting mine (after several poorly defined attempts over the years) Today! 🙂




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