Time For A Change!


Previous visitors to this blog may notice a change of theme has occurred here.

The old (Black) theme had a few limitations i was not completely happy with and i think this theme might better suit – i hope you agree? 🙂

A change is as good as  a rest as the old saying goes – i hope so!



P.S. This theme is called ‘Apostrophe 2’ if you are interested.




  1. I’ve tried dark and light variations. I really like the very dark gray with cream lettering, but WP changed the color pallet and I lost the color. I gave up and went back to white. It’s easier to read anyway, but I love the way pictures look against a dark background.

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    • I agree! I’m a bit limited in my options as a free site user, but can you alter things like background and text colours through CSS commands with a paid site?

      If i could have this format with a dark background that would be really cool! 😉


    • Thanks for the feedback Marilyn! 🙂

      Curiously enough when i was looking for my new theme i saw a couple of options with a left-handed menu. They add loads every day – you might want to check out the new themes?


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