Moon Shot!

Couldn’t resist grabbing some more moon shots last night!

lovewillbringustogether - half moon1

lovewillbringustogether - half moon3

lovewillbringustogether - half moon4

lovewillbringustogether - half moon5

Taken around 8:00pm – an hour after Sunset.

There are apparently some people on this planet who believe the moon shines with it’s own light (because that is the way they ‘read’ the Bible). If that is so just how does it cast shadows on it’s own surface as you can easily see in craters in these pictures?


Weird fact:  The Moon does not simply revolve around the Earth – they actually both revolve around their mutual Centre of Gravity. The Moon revolves about the Earth but the Earth also revolves (slightly) around the Moon. Because the Moon has only 1/81st the mass of the Earth the Moon rotates about a point 81 times further away from the C o G than the Earth does. With a mean distance from the Earth of around 384,000km (240,000 mi)  this means the point of rotation is contained around 2/3rds the way out from the centre of the earth’ core or some 2,000 km beneath the Earth’s surface at a point directly between the two objects’ centre’s. It’s like twirling a baton that has a heavy ball on one end and a light ball on the other to ‘balance’ the Earth/Moon baton you would need to ‘hold’ it ‘within’ the big ball!





  1. I love the moon, love it, love it, and your moon photos are beautiful. I especially like the facts that you included and I like the way you wrote them so that I could understand. The image of the baton was just great.

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    • Thank you Carol! 🙂 it is VERY nice to know that my information is appreciated by some. I put the photos up just for my and other’s enjoyment but the comments i make don’t often get commented on so it’s much appreciated when someone does 🙂

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      • I think people subscribe to too many blogs, and then they don’t have time to comment. If I subscribe to a blog, I read it carefully and I re-read it, so I cannot do too many. There are so many great ones out there, I know.

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