For those who have given up hope in, or for, America…


Some parts of it still give good reasons to believe things are not all bad and that Good Governance can and does still exist in these troubled times!

I believe it was Republican Governor Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger who handed over to the current Governor of California the $27 billion state debt in 2011.

Of course, not every state has their own Silicon Valley or massive movie industry located in it!




  1. Schwarzenegger did a pretty good job, actually. The deficit was bigger when he got there and he did a lot of work. He was sort of a Republican, but never like these current morons. He was, as we say, an okay governor and he didn’t do it for the power or money. He did it to try and help a state which was at that time in pretty bad shape. It was much better when he left.

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    • Quote: ” The deficit was $27 billion in 2011. The New York Times, they called us: “The Coast of Dystopia.” The Wall Street Journal saw: “The Great California Exodus.” The Economist of London pronounced us: “The Ungovernable State.” And the Business Insider simply said: “California is Doomed.” End quote.

      And that was leaving it better? Wow! How bad must it have been in 2002?

      I quite like Arnie – but i genuinely believe he should stick to acting – or charitable causes. 🙂


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