Blue Moon

There will be a Super Blue Blood Full Moon* at the end of this month…
lovewillbringustogether - blue moon2

Not super enough for you?

How about this…? (Taken approx 5:45pm – 90 mins before sundown).

(Click on Pic to open in new window and again for full detail)lovewillbringustogether - blue moon1

*  – Super means it is about 7% larger than the average moon.

– Blue means it is the second full moon in the same month.

– Blood means it will turn reddish/orange as it enters the Earths shadow (a lunar eclipse)



  1. Since you can’t really see the sky around here, I’ve sort of given up on moon shots when we are at home. Should we ever be anywhere that I can see a clear sky, I’ll give it another try. But to be fair, I have dozens of moon shots and they all look the same. Turns out, until the moon starts to spin, they will ALL look the same 😀

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    • I’m enjoying immensely the 60X zoom on the Nikon. The moon shots produce results that are more detailed than i got even with any of the many telescopes i have owned since i was 8. No doubt in time i will give up on them too but for the moment i’ve been given a whole new outlook and am finding it fun to share! 🙂

      And i am very fortunate to have such clear skies at the moment. 🙂

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    • My ‘smart’?phone cost less than my previous Fuji camera bought 9 years ago and can take 60% larger photos, with a 4x digital zoom as well as the usual 101 functions and internet connectivity and letting you make and receive phone calls…. but it still takes crap photos in comparison. 😉

      Get a camera! 😉


        • Know that feeling! 😉

          The Nikon Coolpix B700 is a LOT of camera for a ‘reasonable’ price. It beats standard DSLR camera bodies with single lens for price and performance, IMO.


        • Fifteen years ago, I had an HP camera with the little window on the back. Wore it out, literally. It was fun. Replaced it with a smaller Finepix…something. That thing was a GIANT PITA. It never worked correctly, the rechargeable battery wouldn’t keep a charge and, when I lost the charger & tried to replace it, the charger wouldn’t work correctly. 😠😡🤬

          I’d still be using my little Kodak if I could find FILM. 🙄 I’ve been a hopeless shutterbug since I was a ‘tween. 😁

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        • The finepix would have been a Fuji – that was my last camera, a 10 MP digital with 12X zoom. Mine worked beautifully for 8 years before i could afford a better camera – the Nikon, Batteries were fine, you must have got a dud one. 😦

          I have one draw full of 6×4 and 7×5 film photos that i have not looked at for a decade or more, from travels around europe and across Aus. – sigh. I find it much easier to store and review them them on a hard drive and a large monitor. 🙂


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