An Identity Crisis

Scientific Name: Ardea modesta.
Common Name: Eastern Great Egret.
Other Names: Great Egret, Large Egret, White Egret, Great White Egret, Common Egret, White Crane, White Heron or Large Heron.

Whatever you call him, I think he’s beautiful. 🙂

(Click on pics once to enlarge and then click in new window for full size images)lovewillbringustogether - Great Egret1

lovewillbringustogether - Great Egret2

lovewillbringustogether - Great Egret3

lovewillbringustogether - Great Egret4

lovewillbringustogether - Great Egret5

lovewillbringustogether - Great Egret6



    • He is a beauty for sure. the lake is right next door to two shopping malls and a main highway to the city ( It is basically a stormwater drain that has been ‘beautified’ by our council with loads of native plantings around it – the wildlife loves it) I saw a large brown heron there last week but did not have a camera handy, when i went back to look for him he had gone but this guy showed up instead. He’s looking at his best with the long hair-like feathers and yellow legs as it must be his breeding season now. 🙂


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