Flower of the Day – January 4, 2018 – Hoya

Also known as a wax plant or waxflower the buds of this plant seem to be made of wax or a plastic but then when they open, up close, they look almost feathery!

Either way this flowering climbing plant is one of the more sensational and exotic blooms in my garden. They love heat but seek shade for the flowers as direct sun dries their nectar which can easily be seen oozing from the flowers.

In the first photo you could easily imagine this ball-shaped flower representing the moon being half lit by the light from the sun with mountains and craters on it’s surface… or maybe i’ve just been taking too many pictures of the Moon lately? 😉

(Click on the pics to open in a new window and click again to see full size detail.) 🙂

lovewillbringustogether - hoya1

The two pics below are of the same flower group which are being lit by late evening sunlight, in the first pic you can see the flowers being backlit on the right and hit by direct sunlight on the left; in the second and more unusual view you can see the ‘inside’ of this hemi-spherical flower and if you look carefully you can see it’s shadow extreme right. 😉

lovewillbringustogether - hoya3

lovewillbringustogether - hoya2

The buds of these flowers start out a deep burgundy colour then lighten to a vermillion red before each individual flower opens out from it’s pentagonal shape to display the near white petals that then form the hemisphere of some 30 flowers.

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Cee’s Flower of the Day – January 4, 2018 – Peony Buds



  1. Just discovered your blog!! Fantastic. I really like your comparison of your wax flower to the moon half lit by the sun. Thanks for directing me to look for the shadow. I would have missed it.

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    • Thanks for your kind words Carol. I love getting close up to Nature with my camera – it is amazing the things i find in my photo’s that i missed completely when i was looking to take the shots! Hope you continue enjoying my blog. 🙂

      They are very easy to grow ( here where it is warm, but i think some can handle cooler climates and require very little in the way of maintenance, basically it’s set and forget! 😉 This one was a cutting from my older plat i’ve had for around 30 years and is now bigger than the original and blooms wonderfully – if weirdly. I love them! 😉

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