The Moon’s a Balloon!

According to the title of David Niven’s autobiographical book (The oldies amongst us might remember the British Hollywood actor of the 30′, 40’s and right on up to the Pink Panther) the moon is a balloon!

Last night in Aus it was also very nearly a full balloon (is actually full as i’m typing this in the morning daylight and is now below my horizon so not visible to me but is to others around the world- astronomy can be weird!) and i managed to catch a few good shots.


A little blurry and very bright this was taken just before 8:00pm, nicely framed by my roof eaves and next doors chimney and roof.


Very balloon-like 🙂


A little contrast.


My best detailed shot.


Peeking around the chimney. 🙂


In all it’s (nearly) full glory! (click and open and magnify for full effect – i’m in awe of this Nikon zoom) 🙂

I’m indebted to Cee of Cee’s Photography for informing me this New Year moon is also known as a Wolf Moon!  Hoooouuuuuuwwwwwllll!

There will be a full “blue” moon eclipse at the end of this month (in Australia at least). I can’t wait!:-)





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