Fly Me To The Moon…

I wanted to try out my new camera (and tripod) i got for Christmas and got the perfect opportunity to test the zoom i mentioned in my previous post!

(Click on pics to open in new window and click again for full detail!)

Original shot – approx 3X zoom.
Approx 30 X zoom

This is the First Quarter as viewed from the Southern hemisphere just after sunset. You can clearly see the Sea of Tranquility(l) and the Sea of Serenity(r) extending out from half of  the Sea of Rains (Mare Imbrium) in the lower left quadrant.

Apollo 11 landed almost exactly at the centre of the sunlit part of the moon on the higher edge of the Sea of Tranquility, over 48 years ago.

Maximum (60 X ) zoom!

Any closer and i reckon i could just about touch it!

How’s that Frank Sinatra? 🙂




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