An Aussie Christmas Greeting.

Unlike most of the world Aussies get to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day in Mid-Summer.

Accordingly, we do things a little differently here…

Christmas Day on Bondi Beach.

Although we do still keep a couple of the Old World traditions…

Christmaus 4

Forget the egg nog or hot toddies and crack open a cold beer or bottle of sparkling wine while waiting for Santa to arrive while being pulled by his flying kangaroos! What? You thought Qantas’s logo the Flying Kangaroo was just a marketing ploy?
Christmaus 2

Maybe build a sandman on the beach?

Christmaus 1

or go for a jetboat ride on the harbour to cool off a little…?

Christmaus 3

before chowing down on Seafood and Salad…


Or the traditional Christmas barbie?Chrissie BBQ

and then settling down after all the excitement to watch the traditional 5 day long cricket match and 4 day yachting race beginning on Boxing Day! 🙂

Christmaus 5

However you celebrate this Holiday Season I wish all a very safe and Merry Christmas and a better 2018 than this rather unsettling year turned out to be.


Lets do all we can individually and as one single species to make it better!


Happy New Year!




  1. Not all Aussies Iwbut Celebrate Christmas with a Barbie or a Picnic on the Beach although they may follow after our Remembrance of Jesus Birth with our fellow Christians, which no doubt American Christians do too and yes all those who Love The Lord in their Hearts and know His Truth all over the World Celebrate God’s greatest gift of Love in Christ Jesus at Christmas and yes all through the Year too.

    “Christ” mas Blessings Iwbut All Year -Anne (Grannie Annie)

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