Australian Paper Wasp

I seem to be finding more Fauna than Flora these days – here’s my latest find, on an awning outside my home.

(Click on the pic to open a new window and click on that for full-sized detail 🙂 )DSCF3159

Our local wasps are slightly smaller (around 2cm/0.8 inches long) than the European hornet, a close relative of the Paper Wasp, and are only aggressive if their nest is disturbed/attacked.

The wasps here are all female – and sterile! – except for one, the Queen, who lays the eggs and co-opts the females into extending the nest and feeding the larvae.

Towards the end of Summer the Queen will start to lay eggs that hatch into males and other fertile females that then hibernate over Winter before the cycle starts again next Summer.

If you want to know more follow the link here.



  1. You should still have it removed. Those nests get bigger over time and what’s a minor inconvenience now may become a LOT bigger by next summer. We had a humongous wasp nest on the roof to remove and an hornet nest — just like that — which had to go because the electric people wouldn’t come near the house until the nests were gone.


    • I’ve found several nests, all about this size around my home over the years, mostly once all insects had left.

      I have never found one that the insects come back to over here. Have never heard of anyone being stung by a paper wasp but they are eaters of caterpillars and are considered good for the garden. 🙂


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