Australian White Ibis

A relative of the Sacred Ibis of Africa, and particularly Egypt, where it was considered a symbol of the God Thoth.

I caught these guys feeding on floating weed on a small lake in the suburbs near my home.

In a recent survey the Ibis was narrowly beaten for title of Bird of the year 2017 by the Australian Magpie. Personally I would have voted for the Ibis. 🙂

( Click on the pic to open in a new window then click again for all the full-size detail! 🙂 )



  1. Your ibis look so different from ours! We have several — green heron, great blue, great gray … and the egrets are so closely related, the real difference is the name. But none of them have that interesting head and beak. Yours are beautiful!

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    • We have egrets and herons also, most are pure white but i’ve seen the odd light brownish one.

      Apparently there is an American Ibis also but i’m not sure if they’d like the cold where you are at the moment? They look much like ours but with less black and an orangey curved beak.

      Our local library has a huge 30 ft high Ibis painted on a corner of the building – I’ll try to get a pic and send it to you! 🙂


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