The Australian Painted Lady (Scientific name: Vanessa kershawi – any Vanessa’s out there know you have a pretty butterfly Genus named after you? Actually it’s full name is Vanessa Cynthia Kershawi so all you Cynthia’s have a sub genus to your credit also! 🙂 )

I often see butterflies flitting around in my garden – mostly Cabbage White’s who lay eggs which hatch and eat my plants – but rarely get a chance to photograph one as they are quite camera shy… or maybe shy of the giant monster holding the camera??

This Lady was seeking shelter from the Summer heat (36 degrees (98 degs F) today 😦 ) in one of my fir trees. Her wings are folded together so we can only see the underside but at least i got her in focus for once! 😉

( Click on the pic to open in a new window then click again for all the full-size detail! 🙂 )



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