The Political Pineapple


There’s an old Australian saying that i just made up. (Well, extended and modified really).



When you’ve been getting the rough end of the pineapple shoved up your backside for years it feels relatively good (for a time) to have the round end bashed over your bonce. (head).

But the real fun is had by the person or persons doing the shoving or the bashing.


I say this in relation to those countries who are finding that their populations are largely sick and tired of getting the rough end from their politicians and one country in particular who shall not be named (but i’m sure you could take a not so wild guess and be fairly accurate) who’s actually got a firm hold on the rough end and is using the blunt end to UNPRESIDENTED effect. (That one’s for you Tom! 😉 )

pineapple time


The Truth is that the politicians have always only ever done what they’re paid to do by those who put them in charge of running the country – i.e. Big Business – and if you put a businessman in as your Head of State you should not really be surprised with what you end up getting – which is most likely to be ‘screwed’.  (While they get tax cuts or tax-funded bailouts/”Concessions”!)





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