2017-11-29 Moons

Here’s one for Rebel Guy… not forgetting Rebel Girl, of course! 😉
(Heck, it’s for anyone who likes the Moon or pictures of the Moon.)

The first one was taken a little before sunset and there was light cloud making the image a little hazy. The next two were taken as the moon neared it’s zenith  an hour or two after sunset.

Click on pics to open in new window and again for full sized image.



And here’s one i prepared earlier… 😉

I can’t wait for Christmas and my new Nikon B700 – 60x zoom! Woo_hoo!

If anyone wants to join the fun and post a same day moonshot (date to be determined) just leave a comment here or over at Rebel Guy’s post here.)



    • Yup! 🙂

      What is weirder is that the angles change from rising to midpoint and back down to setting. I need more photos to be sure and the time they are taken to do the math – but i think when the moon is in the same apparent position to each of us there should be about an 80 degree rotation difference. if you stood at the north pole and i stood at the south pole and we took a pic at the same time of the moon the difference would be exactly 180 degrees, if one of us were at the equator then it would be just 90 degs difference.

      As you might tell, i’m a bit of a math/astronomy nerd. 😉

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    • It does blow the mind a little huh? 🙂 Give that Guy next to you a hug – it was his idea first! 🙂

      We need someone from Norway and New Zealand for more angles – Florida would be good and anyone on or near the equator too! (it’s latitude not longitude that makes the difference!)

      Do you know anyone who works in Antarctica?? 🙂


    • My little Fuji is 9 years old – i’m very happy with it and still haven’t learned ALL it’s little secrets – but technology has come a long way in 10 years!

      All I want for Christmas is…. 😀 😀 😀

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    • I’m pretty much in love with anything to do with the Natural world – including that which exists beyond our planet – it’s the one place we have not yet managed to spoil with our attempts at ‘improving things’ for our benefit. 😉

      Will you be able to see the lunar eclipse at the end of this month? ( A Super, Blue, Blood Moon!)


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