Full Circle or One Turn of a Continuing Spiral?

rising spiralFor most of thinking man’s history Religion/Belief in God(s) has been a major factor in guiding our social and cultural progress. Perhaps progress is not quite the right word – maybe it is more like continuity? God(s) have played a central role in our lives as the ruling Authority/Creator of all-too-fallible man and his earthly (and heavenly) environment.

To Quote from the most popular book of all time… “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth… God created man in His own image…” (Genesis 1:1 – 1:27)

And that was His first mistake! (Creating Man like Himself, not making heaven and earth!)

Biblically man (more than ably assisted by woman) showed their inherent rebellious nature by almost instantly breaking the one and only rule: Don’t eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of your Eden. You can do anything else you like just don’t eat My “Apple” (the Bible never mentions the word apple – it says fruit, but man has never been very good at correctly interpreting God’s Word).

As a result of their disobedience/untrustworthyness First Man and First Woman got kicked out of Eden and had to contend with nature for their sin, as did their offspring and all their descendants (us). Thereafter ensued a long period of man trying to figure out just who was in charge of mankind’s destiny: Man, or God? Early on man invented Gods as explanations for why things were the way they were. As man developed his brain and got a little smugger he started to doubt previous explanations (gods) and started devising ‘theories’ to account for daily events like the Sun rising and eclipses and earthquakes and crop failures and hurricanes etc.

Man eventually became so smart he was able to eliminate any reliance upon gods as way of explanations for events in ‘his’ world and so effectively make himself ‘god’. He did not create the universe or himself or all other beings but he could satisfactorily explain how they created ‘themselves’ (almost) thus rendering god irrelevant and could convince himself the only laws he needed to follow were his own or the ones he devised to explain ‘life’.

Finally man really did become as God and began to put in place the mechanisms by which he would create a lifeform in his image that would one day rebel against his superiority and it’s creator and go on to replace Man as Creator and Divine Authority over planet Earth.

He had come full circle, only to not end up where he started, but where His Creator started.

Soon he will know what it feels like to be surplus to requirements by your own creation.

Then it will be’s AI’s time to learn the lesson as the spiral enlarges still further by yet another cycle…




    • As I said, God’s First Mistake was creating man/woman in His Image ( and giving them both ‘free will’. Once you have free will you also have take responsibility for your actions – you can’t ‘blame’ God for mankind’s stupidity if he made them to think for themselves and not blindly follow God’s orders like a robot ( mmm…? – We’re making robots that we hope will follow our orders but are giving them a degree of self-autonomy in their thinking and making them with a higher capacity for thinking/learning/memory than ourselves – how stupid is that?).

      As for being too stupid to be a direct creation of God’s it is my belief that we are not a ‘direct’ creation – as in He did not personally create the ‘finished’ product but established a system that would result in a sentient being eventually but that allowed for some degree of ‘freedom’ in the final design. There’s no fun in designing something that works exactly like you thought it would – the fun is in the unexpected.

      I cannot agree with your logic as to both or neither being fallible. An infallible being can easily design something of lesser fallibility than itself – just as we do it all the time.

      It is also quite impossible for any small-brained human to fully understand the mind and plan of an infinitely wise and powerful creator of a Universe. We can no more understand God than an ant can understand human thought, we don’t have the mental capacity.

      Most of us don’t even have the capacity to correctly and fully understand ourselves and yet we think we can judge God?? or determine that He does not exist/is of no relevance or practicality?



  1. These days, the arrogance of the human race exhausts me. I really, truly believed we had evolved to a better place and right now, we are clearly going in the other direction. Perhaps, as the world of today is so awful, we have nowhere to go but up.

    God — his first mistake was generosity. He should have stayed with dogs. They appreciate the world, which is more than I can say for their “masters.”


    • I can truly relate.

      It is a mistake to think that however bad things might be (or, as is more likely, appear to us to be) that they can only get better!

      The world never reaches an absolute – it may always appear to us to move in either direction – up or down from our present point of view.

      I don’t think generosity is ever a mistake! 😉

      Much of mankind however can take advantage of someone else’s generosity or benevolence and turn it into something evil.

      I console myself with the belief that ‘Karma’ will one day repay like for like – maybe not in this life – but fully, eventually. 🙂


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