Word of the Day 16 November 2017 -Superficial.


Welcome to a regular feature on my blog – WOTD. Each day a new word will be suggested as the word of the day, which could either be an already existing (but rarely used) word or may be a completely made-up one. There will be a short definition and, ideally, an example of how the word would be used in everyday conversation.

I encourage anyone to provide their own words, either in the comments below or by linking their posted word to this blog. Don’t forget the definition or maybe when it should be used.

So, today’s word is: Superficial.(Adjective).

Pronounced: Soo-purr-fish-al.

Meaning without thorough understanding, cursory, comprehending only what is apparent or obvious at or on the surface or exterior; not deep or substantial. Relating to an external or outside surface quality rather than anything more substantial, deep or important to a whole structure.

From the latin super: over or above and facia meaning a face or side.

Eg: The wound looked really bad at first but after being cleaned of blood it was revealed to only be superficial and no serious damage had been done.





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