The World We Live In Today…

Saudi Arabia, a country that could be described as perhaps thee MOST backward in giving it’s citizens (mostly of the female persuasion) human rights has announced it is giving the world’s first citizenship of any country to a non-living being! A Robot named Sophia (meaning wisdom!)…

… and at the same time my country denies the rights of citizenship to over 600 recognised human refugees they have kept imprisoned on a remote foreign-owned island for the last 3 years before that country’s legislature finally ruled that they were being kept there against the country’s constitution illegally (after us paying hundreds of millions of dollars to make them do it).

w.t.f. ???

I’m getting more than a little disgusted with people on this planet lately and particularly our so-called politicians, but also those who care and think little of any people but themselves. I see more and more each and every day and something needs to happen to change it and quickly… unless it is already irreversable?


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