KIVA – making a difference in the world!

I’ve been a supporter of Kiva for several years now but have never posted about it. Now i am as i believe it is a great project that helps many people world wide, especially where help may not be ‘popularised’ in the mass media when it is needed.Kiva

Kiva is an organisation that makes it easy for ordinary people who care about other ordinary people around the world, but mostly in 3rd world countries, to receive micro loans to help them get ahead. Maybe in establishing or improving a business, helping to educate children where the local system is not so good or helping out financially when it is most needed.

The general idea is that you ‘donate’ to a particular person or group on the website through a local organisation who does all the admin, starting from $25 upwards and the person to whom you loan pays the loan back as per a schedule. The loan repayments are not guaranteed but the rate of loan repayment in full is usually over 95%.

I have made over $500 worth of loans so far and all but the last two have been fully repaid while the two remaining are on track with their progress payments. 🙂

The beauty of the system is that unlike normal donations you can keep on giving the ‘same’ money to others once the first loans have been repaid!

Kiva was established, and has offices in, San Francisco, Ca.


If you feel like you’d like to learn more, or want to join in, you can click on the link:

If you join from the invite you will be gifted an Additional $25 to loan out (and i’ll get a $10 gift voucher which i’ll donate back to a Kiva borrower).





    • 🙂 It’s good to know there are some others who care.. and back it up! 🙂

      (Especially when they are not financially over-endowed themselves!) 😉


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