Hiding One’s Light Under a BUSHel!

mission accomplishedGW (Bush Jr) is making headlines again – unbelievably though for the RIGHT (or is that Left?) reasons! 🙂

Bush gave a speech at the George W Bush Institute recently (where he was fairly sure of a positive reception, i’d imagine?) in which, amongst other things, he:

Condemned “nationalism distorted into nativism.”
Derided “discourse degraded by casual cruelty.”
Acknowledged that “our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.”
Condemned bigotry and white supremacy while endorsing policies that run counter to those supported by President Donald Trump.
And, most importantly, Bush said that “bigotry seems emboldened.”
Although he never actually mentioned the name of Trump or referred to the President specifically, no-one is in any doubt who the primary target of his delivery was.
I have a question: Where was this Bush during the 8 years of his reign as US President??
It’s a very sorry state of affairs when, in comparison to the current one,  Gee-Dubbyah seems like the Intelligent President of the USA. 😦


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