Word of the Day – 16 October 2017: Autumnivalent


Welcome to the new regular feature on my blog – WOTD. Each day a new word will be suggested as the word of the day, which could either be an already existing (but rarely used) word or may be a completely made-up one. There will be a short definition and, ideally, an example of how the word would be used in everyday conversation.

I encourage anyone to provide their own words, either in the comments below or by linking their posted word to this blog. Don’t forget the definition or maybe when it should be used.

So, today’s word is: Autumnivalent (Adjective).

That feeling one gets, usually indoors on a windy grey afternoon in September (or May if you live South of the equator, like me), when the relief felt from the passing of an intolerably hot summer and the joy of seeing Nature’s rainbow in the seasonal fall of leaves from the trees, is met with the impending feeling of doom over an upcoming, and no doubt long and bitterly cold, season of Winter.
(Word created by me – just now) 😉

Pronounced: Or-tum-knee-vay-lent. (The ‘k’ in knee is silent!) 🙂

Eg: Although he was outdoors and the weather was really rather nice for this late in the year, Aloysius could not shake off that autumnivalent feeling. He knew full well Winter was coming – not in any great hurry, but with a vengeance!




  1. The word was my creation but it was intended for world-wide use! Feel free to apply it to where you live if you feel it may be appropriate! 🙂

    Oh – you can keep the 12 ft snow drifts though! Cold, wet and windy suits just fine for my winters thank you.;-) I’m quite happy just looking at your snow photos.



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