Don’t think you’re the only ones who have a dumb leader…

Abbott budgie
At least you don’t have Trump trying on this kinda shit!

Australia’s Ex-Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who is still active as an elected Member of the Lower House of Parliament in the current (highly unpopular) government, declared to the World while on business in London that Global Warming would be good for the planet as it would mean fewer people would die from cold snaps!!!

He did this while addressing the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a supposed global warming ‘think tank’?? where this view is in no way unique.

This ‘genius’ (former Rhodes Scholar no less, how low has that accolade fallen?) seems to fail to understand the basic principle underlying the warming of our atmosphere and it’s affect on planetary weather systems.

A warming of one or two degrees to the planet is not going to make any of us feel much worse – we regularly undergo much more massive movements in relative temperature on a daily basis.

The REAL danger is that this small increase has a massive effect on the size and scale of extreme weather events like freezing snaps and heat waves/firestorms etc. as well as making hurricanes and cyclones more frequent and violent and larger on average. This is because heating up a vast amount of air by 1 or 2 degrees Celsius adds a massive amount of energy to the system.

What this moron (we had a lucky ‘escape’ when his own party sacked him during his first term as Leader of Australia because of disastrous public opinion ratings (sound familiar anyone?)) fails to realise or acknowledge is that a warmer atmosphere will result in MORE cold/snaps and deeper ones causing more deaths not less and it has the same deadly increase in the other direction, more will die from heatwaves also; and from floods from hurricanes and cyclones.




  1. Rhodes Scholarships are for ‘all-rounders’ – meaning sport, public service etc are just as important as academic ability – meaning geniuses get scholarships other than Rhodes. Also, he left Oxford with an MA, which at Oxford means BA + extra thesis. Anyone with brains would have used a Rhodes Scholarship to get a D Phil.
    Not that I think Tony Abbott is a dumb, reactionary bigot or anything… And at least we managed to get rid of him before he awarded himself a knighthood.
    As for the unpopularity of the present government -All part of the Australian Way, don’t you think? It’s against our principles to like the government, whoever’s in power.

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    • True! Our government makes a great Whipping Horse… but then again it is largely deserved. I hate party politics that seems only to exist to ensure it’s own survival/benefit. Representatives are supposed to represent their electors – not their party or party donors.

      Abbott et al are so clearly doing their masters’ bidding.

      He can’t really be as stupid as he sounds… can he?



      • Don’t know about the et al, but I’ve yet to see Abbott do anything except what Abbott wants, and to hell with the party, its leader or anyone else.
        I have always thought Abbott was slightly nuts, and getting nuttier by the day. Sociopathic, perhaps? He seems to have no concept of other people, consequences, or possible reactions to his behaviour.
        I agree about pollies being more interested in survival than constituents, but i sometimes wonder if that’s indicative of our good fortune as a country. Compared to most other countries, we are relatively drama-free.


  2. I’m pretty sure Abbott is in a ‘clique’ with others in the liberal party, (whose that fat guy from Q’land – another loonie? No – not Bob Katter, the other Qld loonie? What am i saying? Hanson, Joyce they are all bat-shit crazy up there!) who are being supported (paid for) by various major companies/industry groups who are getting just what they are paying for. (Mostly)

    If it was only Abbott being Abbott Turnbull could walk all over him with party backing, but if anything he caves in, hence my opinion. 🙂

    As for being nuts… i remember the interview on TV where he was asked a question and just ‘played’ dumb for about a minute – you could SEE his tiny brain going into meltdown…. and then the one time he actually said something that made good sense: “Don’t believe anything i say that is not written down on paper!”

    ( and i would not trust it even then!)



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